• The 7mm-08 A.I. is, in my opinion, the short action cartridge that can do it all. It cheats wind, it hits things hard, it flies into extreme range distances It is light, no recoil, and good for antelope through elk and shoots under 4″ at 400 yards. Yes, the loads are very hot but that is why I build Ack Imp.
  • 7mm-08 Remington Even though the hit back of the Remington is hard, the cartridge is fairly easy to use and that is because of the recoil of the round after taking a shot. If you are a professional hunter and don’t want a sore shoulder, you should always go for a Remington.
  • Recoil Cross Reference Chart.
  • Jul 03, 2011 · As the chart below shows, it takes a 240gr 30-caliber bullet to match the G7 BC of a 180gr 7mm VLD. But most 30-caliber shooters don’t use those ultra-heavy projectiles because the recoil is excessive and because it takes a monster cartridge burning lots of powder to drive 240-grainers to optimal velocities.
  • Dec 03, 2006 · The 7mm-08 is a great gun. Very accurate and hardhitting with little recoil. For the most part, those two pounds won't mean much physically, but mentally they may. I have both guns, a 7mm-08 and a .308. The .308 does "kick" slightly harder than the 7mm-08.
It charts everything; drop, time, energy, velocity, range, and does so in 50 yard steps that are easy to understand. The stats are generated using both So what does the charting of the 7mm Rem Mags's external ballistics tell us exactly? It says that at around the halfway point of 250 yards the bullet will...The recoil is light. A little more than a .243 depending on the size of the bullets you shoot. ... a 7mm-08. The 6.5 fad will fade when folks get past the newness and ... ZK1XMY ZL/GD3OOK ZL1NA/MM ZS6/GM3OOK.Accuracy and terminal performance are the cornerstones of Hornady ® Precision Hunter ® factory loaded ammunition. The published factory load ballistics for the .28 Nosler are impressive. HiBC: My comments weren't meant to be snarky or argumentative, apologies if it seemed as such. The .28 Nosler is offered in the M48 Custom Long Range (2015 MSRP $5830), Patriot (2015 MSRP $2895) and Heritage ...
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Jeff Cooper was impressed enough by the 7mm-08 to give it unqualified support for use in a scout rifle-- "A true Scout comes in .308 or 7mm-08". [23]Bob Bell says "the little 7mm/08 equals or surpasses a surprising number of popular loads and is so close to the others that it makes one wonder if their edge is worth their attendant muzzle blast, recoil and rifle weight" when hunting deer ... The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .30-30 Winchester vs 7mm-08 Remington ammo rounds. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or jacketing type. This article lists firearm cartridges which have a bullet in the 7.0 millimetres (0.2756 in) to 7.99 millimetres (0.3146 in) caliber range. Length refers to the cartridge case length. Remington recognized the opportunity to develop a more versatile big-game magnum cartridge that would produce moderate recoil while correcting some of the .264’s shortcomings. By necking the .264 or .338 Winchester Magnum case to accept 7mm/.284-inch bullets along with very minute technical changes, the 7mm Remington Magnum was created. While I shoot the 3000fps 7mm-08 load you have in your chart, it should be noted that Hornady's non-light mag load and everyone else's 7mm-08 loads around 140 grains run 2800-2850 fps (significantly less recoil). The 3000fps/139gr load is about identical to most 140gr.270 loads. I started shooting a light 7mm-08 rifle when I was nine years old. REMINGTON ARMS CO AMMO * * Managed Recoil Centerfire Ammunition . Remington 7MM-08 140 Grain Managed Recoil Core-Lokt Pointed Soft Point . Managed-Recoil® Slugger® Rifled Slugs offer remarkably effective performance with 45% less felt recoil than full velocity Sluggers. Mar 26, 2018 · Again, the fire-forming load was at maximum for a standard 7mm-08. I got all that brass fired, and went another two grains heaver. I am also shooting a 162 gr Hornady ELD-X. It is making 2640 fps MV out of a barrel that short, wearing a Tiger Shark suppressor. By comparison, my 20” 7mm-08 with the same suppressor, is at the same velocity.
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A short action 27” barreled 7mm WSM is approximately the same length as a 26” barreled 7mm Remington Magnum. Velocities for this barrel length are on average, 80fps faster than the standard 7mmWSM and the reduction in recoil can aid accuracy immensely.
Mar 28, 2017 · The older 7mm-08 has a great rep on our local Western hunting forum as an outsize performer, but of course the 6.5mm's mentioned have gained in popularity for hunting as there seems to be a major bleed-over of long range target rounds in the mule deer/elk/pronghorn hunting realm as long distances are often encountered.
Recoil energy determines how hard the blow to the hand feels and recoil velocity determines how abrupt the blow feels. However, perceived recoil, what the shooter feels, is a highly subjective matter. It is influenced by many factors. One of the most important of these, in addition to gun weight...
Just like the .243(actually a 6mm-08)and 7mm-08, its parent cartridge is the .308. So it's actually a 6.5mm-08. I'm primarily a bowhunter, but I've shot at least 2 doz. deer with my .243 over 4 decades without a loss. I also have an Encore barrel in 7mm-08 that's a good whitetail caliber.
One of the most important of these is the fit and shape of the rifle stock. A good recoil pad can help soften the blow to the shooter's shoulder. Gas-operated semi-automatic actions reduce apparent recoil by spreading it over a longer period of time. These sorts of things cannot be accounted for in a recoil table.
IMO. Marriage of two great military minds. The Germans developed the 7mm bullet, and the Americans the case to push the pill of the .308. Somebody necked it down and it shoots lights out in 120 or 140 g bullets. The 7mm bullet has better ballistics than a .308 if you believe in math which all shooting truly is.
7 mm Blaser Magnum. 7 mm Rem Mag. 7 mm-08 Remington.
High recoil rifle cartridges won’t be suitable for women who love hunting. Here are some of the best cartridges ideal for hunting. 7mm-08. This caliber was first commercialized in 1980 by Remington Arms. As its name implies, it is a .308 Winchester case with a unique neck design that accepts the 7mm bullet.
Jul 25, 2018 · The differences are illustrated in an accompanying chart. Layne's favorite powder for the 7mm-08 has long been H414, but W760, which is the same powder with a different name, is equally good. As more modern propellants go, CFE 223 is also an excellent choice. And there are a lot of great bullets for the 7mm-08 as well.
I'm trying to come up with a light recoil load for my sons new 7mm 08. I figured the 120g Nos BT would be a good choice so i loaded a few up with 44g of IMR 4350. That should be a pretty light load but I'm finding flattened primers. I used Winchester brand brass and CCI large rifle primers.
Jan 24, 2018 · If recoil is a concern, the 7mm-08 wins for regular ammo and reduced recoil. A long or short action shouldn't matter much as far as bolt throw for follow up shots, but you'll have a better selection of rifles with your specs in a short action. For youth options, I’m not sure why people would look past the .243 or 7mm-08.
Dec 26, 2020 · December 26, 2020
Does anyone the recoil difference between the 6.5 PRC and 7MM Rem Mag? I'm thinking it would be quite a bit less but know specifics....any ideas or input?? Kind of feels somewhere between a 7mm08 and a 308 imo, just a little sharper. I was shooting 168's in my 7mm over a stiff load of retumbo and it...
    May 04, 2020 · The recoil of the 7mm-08 is slightly less than the 308 due to the lighter bullets being used, but slightly less recoil is not a good enough reason to choose a 7mm-08 over a 308 when comparing cartridges for tactical use, but rather, one would need to compare long range ballistics to determine if there is a distinct advantage.
    Recoil-Sensitive Hunters: For shooters that are unable to tolerate the recoil of a standard cartridge, Managed-Recoil Cartridges are the perfect solution. Effective performance with half the recoil. Youth and Women: Managed-Recoil allows youth and women to practice and hunt effectively, with nearly the same point of aim as a standard cartridge ...
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    Complete 7mm-08 Remington ammunition ballistics Chart. Compare all 7mm-08 Remington ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart.
    Jun 10, 2020 · RECOIL PAD The recoil pad technology incorporated in T3x models reduces the impact of recoil on the shooter. ... 222 Rem | 223 Rem | 22-250 Rem | 243 Win | 260 Rem | 7mm-08 Rem | 308 Win | 6.5 ...
    The 7mm-08 has become extremely popular; like the 7x57 it is an ideal whitetail cartridge, and an excellent choice for hunters who want accuracy, efficiency, and versatility without a lot of recoil and muzzle blast. Both rifles and ammunition are offered by most manufacturers, with the most common load featuring a 140-grain bullet at 2860 fps.
    Jan 04, 2011 · As the charts show, the results were almost right on the mark. While the "crack" when a round was fired was still quite loud, felt recoil was much less than that generated by a full-power .308 round. Notwithstanding the fact that the reduced recoil loads' accuracy was good, the reader also intends to hunt with these handloads.
    Updated 30.12.2020 08:35. This chart allows to forecast the XRP XRP price change according to the number of people searching for it in Google.
    7mm-08 advice needed for a young shooter - Just found out that Pow-pow is getting TT01 Jr. A Remington 700 youth 7mm-08 for Christmas. I have zero experience with
    The 7mm-08 burns approx 30% less powder than the other two, powder burned has the largest single effect on recoil. If you hand load you can use 120-175gr bullets, although 140's and 150's will work well on anything at normal hunting distances.
    7mm-08 Rem 120 gr SST® Custom Lite® Item #80572 | 20/Box . Hornady ® Custom Lite ® ammunition provides reduced recoil and muzzle blast from the most popular calibers, and puts the fun back into shooting for kids, women, and every shooter looking to keep recoil to a minimum while still enjoying the use of their favorite rifle.
    The 175-180 grain 7mm bullets at 2800 fps produce about the same amount of recoil as a .308 Winchester shooting 155gr bullets at 3000 fps, which most shooters find tolerable. In order to match the ballistic performance of the heavy 7mm bullets, a 210gr, .30-caliber bullet at 2800 fps generates 17% more recoil.
    Aug 17, 2011 · Does anyone have any experience in using the reduced recoil 7MM-08 from Remington (or other factory loads)? I'm looking at a rifle for my kids and debating on whether it would be better for them to shoot a standard load .243 or the reduced recoil 7MM-08. The one advantage in the 7MM-08 is the...
    Bullet energy is about the same, as is recoil. Of course, there are much heavier 7mm bullets, up to 175 grains is standard. Also, unlike the .270, there are heavier, longer 7mm bullets with off-the-charts Ballistic Coefficients (BC). Again, because of action length, the 7mm-08 is rarely loaded with bullets above 150 grains.
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    Caliber 7mm-08 Rem: Barrel Length 22" Overall Length 42" Length of Pull 13 3/4" Drop at Comb 1/2" Drop at Heel 3/4" Weight 6 lbs 12 oz: Magazine Capacity 3: Barrel Finish Matte Blued: Stock Finish Matte Black: Receiver Finish Matte Blued: Chamber Finish Polished: Barrel Material Steel: Barrel Contour Sporter: Stock Material Composite: Recoil ...
    Kimber 84M Hunter Rifle 7mm-08 Remington. Kimber 3000790. Kimber’s big news in rifles is the release of the Hunter, a thoroughly updated version of its classic Model 84. The Hunter includes a four-round detachable magazine; an all-climate, polymer-injected synthetic stock available in various ...
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    The 7mm-08 Remington is the Rodney Dangerfield of cartridges; modest in appearance, potentially exceptional in performance. Without hyper velocity and eyebrow raising knock down power, the 7mm-08 Remington is easy to overlook on a cartridge comparison chart, but twenty-eight years in production suggests that more than a few shooters have discovered its worth.
    6.5×55mm Swedish - Metallic silhouette shooting - .308 Winchester - Ballistic coefficient - Delta L problem - 6.5×54mm Mannlicher–Schönauer - Table of handgun and rifle cartridges - 6.5mm Creedmoor - Wildcat cartridge - .300 Winchester Magnum - .243 Winchester - 7mm-08 Remington - .358 Winchester - .338 Federal - Handloading - Sherri Gallagher - M14 rifle - FN FAL - Heckler & Koch G3 ...
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    May 20, 2019 · The 7mm-08 Remington is based on the .308 Winchester case necked down to 7mm and was loaded with a 140-grain bullet at 2860 fps. Why the 7mm-08 Remington is a top short-action choice: A direct copy of the 7mm/.308 wildcat dating back to 1958 and earlier.
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    Jan 19, 2005 · Between the 280Rem. and the 7mm-08 I'd pick the 280. The 280Rem. has a little better selection of ammo, including heavier bullets in factory ammo available. For a short action rifle I'd go with the 308Win. vs. the 7mm-08. Again, a better selection of ammo for the 308. 7mm Bullets found in: Hornady Crimp-On Gas Checks 7mm - 1000/ct, Nosler Trophy Grade Rifle Ammunition 7mm STW 140 gr PT 3300 fps - 20/box, Swift A-Frame Rifle Bullets 7mm .284" 140 gr AFSS 50/ct, Hornady Aluminum Tip Rifle..
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    2040x46 mm. 21Official Ammo Table. A complete list of all ammunition types in Escape from Tarkov. Recoil (%). Penetration Value. Projectile Count.
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    Jan 19, 2005 · Between the 280Rem. and the 7mm-08 I'd pick the 280. The 280Rem. has a little better selection of ammo, including heavier bullets in factory ammo available. For a short action rifle I'd go with the 308Win. vs. the 7mm-08. Again, a better selection of ammo for the 308. »
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    This shotgun recoil chart explores and compares the different recoil levels of 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 16 gauge, .410 more in an easy to use resource.
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    $49 Free Shipping on Remington Core-Lokt PSP 7MM-08 140Gr 20 rounds by the Brass. Shop Remington ammo in [{category}] and get special sale prices everyday.
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    7mm 08 recoil chart

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